Social Work

At Hospice of Westchester, all of our Social Workers are licensed, and are experts in ‘End of Life’ issues. They are trained to assist patients and their caregivers during the end of life journey, and help in countless tangible and intangible ways. Here are some examples of how they can provide support:

  • Work as an integral part of the hospice team to assist patients in developing an individualized plan of care
  • Educate a patient’s family so they may feel confident in their roles as caregivers.
  • Allow patients and their families to discuss their concerns and fears openly and without judgment.
  • Identify community services that fit each individual situations.
  • Keep family updated on a patient’s status..
  • Provide caregivers with reading materials to support their role, including information to help them feel prepared for the time of death.
  • Watch for and assist with safety concerns in a patient’s home.
  • Help patients and caregivers understand the role of hospice and the hospice team.
  • Assist caregivers in finding support to maximize their strengths.
  • Provide age appropriate education and interventions to minor children and provide activities for children to allow them to express their feelings.
  • Offer patients and caregivers information related to their care.

“We were able to keep Dad at home. Whenever I think what Hospice gave us, we were all part of the team, and when I talk about his nurse or his therapist I always seem to say our nurse, our therapist, our social worker. Because they were a tremendous support to our family.”