Complementary Care

Complementary care services are integral to Hospice of Westchester’s holistic mission to combine the highest level of quality medical care with emotional and spiritual support enabling individuals and their loved ones to make the most of each day. Complementary care services have several proven benefits, notably reducing patient anxiety, blood pressure and pain while enhancing quality of life. HOW offers complementary care services tailored to the individual needs of each patient and family at no cost, due to the generosity and vision of Anna L. Shereff.

Complementary Therapies may include:

Massage Therapy – a form of structured therapeutic touch, which can relax, relieve muscle tension, reduce anxiety levels, reduce blood pressure, boost the immune system and moisturize the skin.

Reflexology – based on the belief that specific areas of the feet and hands correspond with specific parts of the body. Gentle stimulation of these areas with the thumbs and fingers can relieve stress and tension, improve circulation, promote normal body function and result in feeling of deep relaxation.

Art Therapy – is an opportunity for people of all ages; children, teens and adults to express themselves through art activities while dealing with stress, grief and loss. Art can produce a release of feelings that can be healing to the mind, body and spirit. Our licensed art therapists offer encouragement and guidance while emphasizing the process of the artwork.

Music Therapy – promotes quality of life, offers emotional support, and creates a feeling of overall well-being. The music therapist or practitioner uses the intrinsic healing elements of live music to provide a healing environment for patients and their families.

“I find having reflexology sessions weekly relaxes me from my feet to the top of my head”